— everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

Before reading this article I want to apologize for possible errors in the text. The fact is that I live in Belarus and do not speak English well, but I will try to do my best!

Let’s start with the simplest question.

This is a blockchain-based online multiplayer game created by the Elrond Network project similar to the game

The player controls the bubbles cell by moving it around the two-dimensional playing field using the mouse or keyboard. Initially, the cell is small, but during the game it usually grows, for this the player absorbs food — both small food granules scattered across the playing field, and other players. A cell can absorb cells that are at least 10% smaller than it, but smaller cells move faster.

A cell can be divided in half (by pressing the space bar), while the parts are thrown in opposite directions and can thereby absorb smaller cells. Also, the cell can throw food pellets in the right direction (by pressing W) — for example, to lay traps.

Elrond is a complete rethinking of public blockchain infrastructure, specifically designed to be secure, efficient, scalable and interoperable.

Elrond’s main contribution rests on two cornerstone building blocks:

1) A genuine State Sharding approach: effectively partitioning the chain state into multiple shards, handled in parallel by different participating validators;

2) Secure Proof of Stake consensus mechanism: an improved variation of Proof of Stake (PoS) that ensures long term security and distributed fairness, while eliminating the need for energy intensive PoW algorithms.

This game was developed by Elrond Network staff.
According to information I received from an employee of Robert Onisie
the main developer is
Radu Paun.
He was helped by a small part of the Elrond team!

I will attach his photo below.
You need to know the hero by sight!

Radu Paun

I know very little about him. I just know that he lives in Romania. Here is a link to it Linkedin:

To understand the relationship of this game with the blockchain, we need to find out what happens during account creation:

  1. For each register account is wallet.
    The private key of this wallet is stored in the game database.
    After registering, the user will receive 10,000 test ERD tokens:

2. To join each round, the user must pay a certain amount of tokens.

3. After entering the game, the transaction is sent to the game’s smart contract in the common winners bank from the user’s wallet.

4. As soon as the round is over, this entire bank will be divided between the top 10 users and smart contracts will be sent to them.

All transactions can be tracked at this address:

1st place — 55% ERD;
2nd place — 20% ERD;
3rd place — 10% ERD;
4th place — 6% ERD;
5th place 4% ERD;
6th-10th place — 1% ERD;

And those who did not enter the top 10 are left without a prize :(

Below are 10 rules to remember:
Each round lasts 4 minutes;
2) The interval between rounds lasts 15 seconds;
3) Only the top 10 players receive the award;
4) To participate in the round you need to pay 500 ERD (after that it’s cheaper every minute, and the last one is completely free);
5) You can move your bubble with the mouse;
6) In order to split, you need to click on “Space”;
7) In order to lose some of your weight you need to press the “W” button;
8) You need to eat small motionless bubbles, as well as other players to increase the mass of your bubble;
9) You need to beware of spikes (large green spines), they will blow you up and you will split into several parts becoming easy prey;
10) You can request additional tokens if your balance is less than 10,000 ERD.
You must click on the “Faucet” button. This feature is available once a day!

Now, after you read the basic rules of the game, you know almost everything about it.

  1. First you need to follow this link to the project itself —
    You will automatically be redirected to the server most suitable for you. In my case, it is eu1:

2. Next you need to click on “NEW ACCOUNT” and go through the simplest registration.

You can see an example of registration below in this video, I shot it specifically for you:

Recently, this game held a tournament and I earned about 1 million test ERD tokens there.
I was able to take 18th place in the top.
During this time, I understood the mechanic of the game quite well and can tell you a little about it.

[1] After you have registered, you need to click on the “PLAY NOW” button;

[2] I recommend turning on full-screen mode, since this is the game in which it is desirable to have the largest screen possible.
You can enable full-screen mode using the
F11 key;

F11 key

[3] After entering the game, you will see your little bubble on the cell field. Your nickname will be on your bubble;

[4] Around you will be a bunch of small bubbles. You need to eat them to gain mass and increase your bubble;

Move with your mouse and eat small bubbles.

[5] You can also eat bubbles from other players that are smaller than your bubble.
You can simply touch their bubble with your bubble, or you can shoot by pressing the “Space” key;

Press “Space” and attack!

[6] Beware and stay away from large bubbles! They can eat you!

A few tips:
You are smaller and lighter than him, use it. Drive forward, a bubble that is larger than you in size can never catch you!
- But he can catch you if he divides and shoots. A shot will not reach you if you are more than 6 cells farther from it.
- If the chase begins for you, then follow the map! In no case do not swim to the wall or corner, there you will instantly be defeated. Try to get away from the chase away from the walls.
- If the size of your bubble is smaller than the size of green spikes, then you can hide inside them. Big bubbles are afraid of them, as these spikes tear them apart. But if you are larger than these spikes, then they can also break you, be careful!

I wrote this article specifically for Community platform!
You can learn more about this platform using the links below.
I am sure that you will also like this platform like to me if you read a little about it!
I will be glad if you rate my article :)
On this my article comes to an end, I wish you a good day!

My nickname on the platform: @greezgang

For more information, please visit us:

Written with love for Elrond Community




Крипто Школа Алексея Гриза. Здесь ты узнаешь все, что нужно для заработка на криптовалюте!

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Крипто Школа Алексея Гриза. Здесь ты узнаешь все, что нужно для заработка на криптовалюте!

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